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Designed & developed in Israel, made in the UK ensure 100% legal CBD products from our global distribution HQ in UK.

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CIITECH has partnered with the leading Israeli academics, institutions and organisations for innovative cannabinoid research.


Developed and designed brands from key opinion leaders and institutions; PROVACAN is now available from our UK online shop


 Hebrew University Multidisciplinary Center Cannabis Research

Epicenter of Cannabis R&D

CIITECH selected the Hebrew University of Jerusalem as our strategic research partner.   This gold-label institution has the richest history of cannabis breakthroughs and cannabinoid therapy patents in the world.

Our initial study in partnership with Professor Raphael Mechoulam and Professor Francesca Levi-Shaffer is investigating the potential for a CBD derivative to be an effective treatment for asthma.


The Science of CBD. We are continuing to research and report the latest news, knowledge and research related to Therapeutic Cannabis.

Based on clinical research highlighted here, it can be concluded that CBD has the potential to be an effective for chronic pain.

Cannabidiol among other cannabinoids can potentially correct the dopamine deficiency observed in people with ADD/ADHD

Ѕtudіеs highlighted here suggеst thаt СВD potentially has а роsіtіvе іmрасt in wеіght loss and control.


Entourage Effect & Terpenes… a quick guide

TERPENES AND ENTOURAGE EFFECT How does CBD work? CBD is used widely all over the world these days, as an alternative treatment to a lot of diseases and illnesses while improving the quality of life. A lot of common and serious diseases are treated using CBD, for...

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Why you should use MCT Oil

MCT Oil Firstly I would like to thank Ciitech and Clifton Flack for asking me to write a guest Blog upon their very popular website. MCT oil or medium chain triglycerides (MCT's) are unique fatty acids that are found naturally in coconut and palm oils. Let us get this...

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The UK Loves Israeli Cannabis

WOW... what a few days we just had in London. CiiTECH was among 6 other CBD companies showcasing at the 22 year old and Europe's largest trade expo for the health and wellness sector. We presented our Israeli developed products loud and proud... not an ounce of BDS or...

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CBD and Your ‘Endo-Cannabinoid’ System

Have you ever wondered how CBD oil works? The oil delivers its therapeutic benefits by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. The system regulates key aspects of the human biology to maintain health and well-being. To understand the endocannabinoid system, you...

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CBD goes mainstream in the UK

Confirming what most already knew, the British media have been drooling over controversial national health-food chain Holland & Barrett selling CBD oil since last month. Truth is they've been successfully selling for over 6 months... The Cannabis Trades...

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