Our Mission

A recent post on our CIITECH website was entitled “5 Reasons the UK might dominate the Cannabis industry”  it was well received and shared countless times across the world wide web.   Though this only tells half the story, the UK might very well be a ‘dark horse’ as cannabis myths unravel and criminals become consumers.

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EssentialCannabinoids.co.uk is the eCommerce store of CIITECH Ltd, a Bio-tech company engaged in ongoing cannabinoid research at the only place to do cannabinoid R&D, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

For 60 years, Israel has been blazing scientific trails in cannabis research.  While the world embroiled itself in prohibition and propaganda, Professor Raphael Mechoulam and his team were busy unlocking the secrets of the plan.


First discovering THC, then CBD.  His team found the receptors (CB1 & CB2) that these cannabinoids act upon and then went on to discover and name the receptor system these are connected to.  The term EndoCannabinoid System was coined together with the breakthrough knowledge that the ECS unlike most local receptor systems connects to every part of the human body, physiological and neurological.

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That’s still not the full story…

CIITECH founder and CEO Clifton Flack is a cannabis industry pioneer having co-founded iCAN Israel-Cannabis and together with his team brought to the world CannaTech.  This cannabis innovation summit brought the global industry to Israel to discover and uncover the latest scientific knowledge together with Agro and Medical innovation in the field of Cannabis. (pun intended)

After a number of years building and working within the Israeli & Global cannabis community, Clifton saw the burgeoning opportunity lying in wait in his native Britain.  As the unregulated CBD industry has begun to explode, so has the need for consumer rights to be protected and respected.

The mission of CIITECH is to remain at the forefront of cannabinoid research, working at the same lab used by Professor Mechoulam to unravel, study and report on the many potential benefits of cannabinoids.

CIITECH has developed a proprietary cannabis brand; ‘PROVACAN‘ and has formed a number of joint ventures to bring the best of Israeli cannabis and science and tech to the UK.