Breast Cancer Awareness. The Potential for CBD / Cannabis

October is upon us, which means we're geared up for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The international campaign aimed at increasing public awareness of the disease and at the same time, to encourage women to keep up with regular health checks and monitoring. A moment...

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CBD is no longer prohibited from sport

Great news for athletes heading into 2018.  The WADA (World Anti-Doping Authority) has removed CBD (Cannabidiol) from the list of prohibited substances The WADA is the international governing body that supervises and manages drug testing in the Olympics as well as...

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Meet the full PROVACAN Range of Israeli Designed CBD Products

The PROVACAN range of CBD products has been designed and developed in Israel over the last 6 months.  Products have been designed for the UK & EU markets (no THC, no psychoactive effect).  The range consists of two strengths of CBD Oil, packaged as a mouth spray. ...

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Adam Smith Institute discuss ‘The Cannabis Tide Effect’

Published last year as a collaboration between the Adam Smith Institute and Volteface, The Cannabis Tide Effect argues that the legalisation of cannabis in the UK is both overdue and imperative. The 60 page report is one of the best overviews and reviews of the...

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Is cannabis really Medicine?

Preamble: this opinion based on the need to regulate CBD (and all other non-psychoactive cannabinoids) as food supplements. More preamble: this opinion is one of semantics, at no point does the author diminish the credibility of the very many real examples of...

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The new UK Drug Strategy 2017…whats all the fuss about

The fight for cannabis reform in the UK reaches new lows and naivities. Last week the British government published the UK Drug Strategy 2017.   Those following the UK cannabis industry will have likely been up in arms and emotionally embroiled in the political farce...

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6m Investment in Israeli Agricultural Cannabis Research

More Government funded cannabis research in Israel The Israeli government, in cooperation with the  Ministry of Agriculture's Volcani R&D Center, is creating it's first cannabis company dedicated to the research for cultivation of cannabis. Over one hundred...

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5 Reasons the UK might dominate the Cannabis industry

For thousands of British patients fighting the lobbying fight for legalization and for the millions of recreational users, the prospect of this ultra conservative nation making change is somewhere off in the distant horizon. In a country where public and political...

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Israel, the epicenter of cannabis normalization

Israel, the epicenter of cannabis research has become the epicenter of cannabis normalization. Israel is home to 30,000 licenced cannabis users for medical purposes, with an estimated additional 100,000 likely to receive their licence as the regulation begins to ease...

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Medicalized cannabis to be emancipated in Israel next month.

Finally we see some change, over 18 months since Ultra Orthodox Minister Litzman sent shockwaves through the country by announcing his belief that medical cannabis should be dispensed in pharmacies like any other drug. Yesterday at a government committee meeting,...

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Post UK Election Cannabis Blues

Two weeks on from the most mis-read election in the history of elections.  More mis-read than Brexit, more even than Trump.  This was the landslide election that would wipe out Labour and wipe the smile of Jeremy Corbyns' face. The opposite is now true, Labour are...

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Israel Cannabis Innovation is Coming to the UK

CIITECH is a cannabis biotech company that focuses on discovering, developing and commercializing medical cannabis products for the global market. We do this by partnering and collaborating with leading institutions and companies to realize the full potential of...

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BMJ says the time is right for Cannabis

Well... who'd have thought!!... from the well respected BMJ (British Medical Journal) “The place of cannabis as a prohibited and purely harmful psychoactive substance should change. Evidence supports the kind of reform already occurring in US states and...

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After CannaTech, comes Cann10

Israel is truly cementing its place as the epicenter of cannabis research and innovation. After the hugely successful 3rd Annual CannaTech event in March, brought to you by iCAN Israel-Cannabis the country rolls on to Cann10, with a deeper dive into the medical...

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Is this a Cannabis Election in the UK?

As the UK heads into election game time, the unusually hot topic of cannabis legalization took center stage yesterday as Theresa May firmly held the party line regarding the ill-informed dangers of 'skunk' Skunk has not been and is not a particular strain of cannabis,...

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Scientists say low dose THC may help dementia

Scientists at Bonn University in Germany uncovered the chemical can help the mind during lab tests on mice. It’s not the first time the drug has been linked to health benefits.  Last week mum Marianne Dickson, from Edinburgh told how she uses cannabidiol (CBD) to...

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Welcome to CIITECH

As the world races towards cannabis reform, the medical and scientific world is catching up behind. Our knowledge of the plant is far from complete, CIITECH is working on understanding the vast range of minor cannabinoids to bring better understanding and more...

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